A photograph of Lara Mitchell discussing the many benefits of hypnobirthing with one of her clients.

Imagine gaining an understanding of how your body can naturally aid the birth of your baby, using simple yet powerful techniques. With a deep-rooted history, Hypnobirthing challenges our modern thinking surrounding birth, and offers a complete education programme for women and their partners, whatever path birth takes you on.

Using gentle self-hypnosis, breath work, visualisations and guided relaxations, you will learn about the mind-body connection, and how this can lead to a feeling of calm, joy and an overall excitement about meeting your baby!

Hypnobirthing can help to dispel any negative connotations surrounding birth that so many women or birthing people have these days, and replace it with a new-found respect for what your body is capable of doing.

As women, we are pretty incredible when it comes to birth, and our bodies have the ability to produce our own set of natural drugs which come in the form of birthing hormones, which really do have the best job ever when it comes to helping reduce fear and pain.

Did you know also, that birth partners can be absolutely instrumental when it comes to the release of these hormones, just from a simple hug! By gaining an understanding of this, it can help in any birth situation, so a woman's body is free from

tension, anxiety and stress, leading to the most beautiful birth experience for you, your partner and your baby.

There are many benefits to Hypnobirthing, and through my course you will learn more about these, but briefly, it can help to reduce the length of labour, significantly improve breastfeeding and babies tend to be calmer and more alert. Your partner will learn about keeping you focused on the techniques you've both learnt and will no longer feel like a 'spare part' in the birth room.

As well as this, by providing lots of time to ask questions and to really listen, without judgement, I will be supporting you with practical tips to help you both prepare for birth, including looking at your birth preferences and what to pack, how you can navigate your choices if birth takes a different path, as well as looking at your general well-being during pregnancy and birth.